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  • Is Skelly Physio a storefront clinic?
    No. Simon does not consult at a storefront clinic currently. Skelly Physio is a virtual based clinic.
  • What is Telehealth and why should I choose it?
    Telehealth is not a brainchild of Covid -19 but rather where I see the profession moving forward. People do not need fixing to get better. In my experience, clients need guidance, reassurance and empowerment. All of the in person treatment can be carried out online and much of what we decide on treatment planning is based of the client's story, history and mechanism of injury, rather than finding things that need to be fixed like faulty movement patterns, muscle imbalance or out of alignments. Much of the passive treatments you have heard about like massage, IMS, mobilizations tens and acupuncture can be beneficial in changing someone's pain in the short term, but generally not necessary to recover. It’s a bit like taking pain medication, helps with symptoms in the short term but not necessary to recover. It is my belief that we can sometimes get sensitive at some stages in our lives but much of the above narratives are normal variation rather than problems. There is no such thing as poor posture for example. Any one posture for too long can cause pain and sensitivity even if one posture is more efficient than another we still need movement s and variety.
  • How do these VIRTUAL appointments work?
    We will be using a web-based video conferencing platform that is a secure and specialized telehealth-based platform. There is no download required. Simply open up the browser (google chrome is best for this!) and enter or click on the link that will be emailed. Once you enter your name, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room before our call will start.
  • What do I need at home for this VIRTUAL appointment?
    It is best to have a laptop with a built-in camera or a webcam. A smartphone / tablet that you can plug headphones into and that is connected to wifi will also do. You’ll also need a space that is big enough to move around in, and comfortable clothes to perform exercises in.
  • Do I need to do anything before my VIRTUAL appointment?
    A consent form will be sent prior to the call, and security questions will be asked during the appointment.
  • Does Skelly Physio offer home (IN-PERSON) visits?
    Yes, home visits are offered within the attached zone on the website. You can book your in-person appointment here:
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