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Your journey to understanding the contributing factors of your pain, and conquering it, starts here!

SkellyPhysio believes that individuals should be treated as a whole, like an ecosystem, not car parts, and our aim is to provide a safe space where your story is the one that matters. 


We specialise in a guided process where we look past mere symptoms and quick fixes (which often only lead to temporary pain relief). We believe in focusing on answering the real question: “Why is the pain there in the first place?” is the key to your recovery, and becoming unstuck in this way will yield longer lasting results and leave you feeling confident and strong.

We have the goal of seeing you educated and empowered so that you have the tools to move forward and get back to doing the things you love doing. Your pain is real and there is hope! Let’s start working on your clear, concise path to recovery today.

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$100 - $140
Home Visits
Regain control of your life
and continue to enjoy your meaningful activities.

Kristina H.

"I saw Simon for 4 months after my hip replacement.  I am a mom of two young kids, and was disabled for two and a half years before my surgery.  When Simon first came to my house, I couldn't even get out of bed on my own.  He not only rehabilitated my new hip, he taught me how to walk again.  He even held my crutches as I walked to my children's school for the very first time!


I can't say enough good things about Simon.  He is a great listener, and is empathetic, but also gently pushes his clients to improve.  His warmth and sense of humour put everyone at ease.  Thanks to Simon, I can now enjoy activities with my family again.  He helped me build strength and gain range of motion with my new hip.  I am also now in the gym 5 days per week, totally pain free!"

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Queen Margaret University
NHS Scotland
Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists
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